Smirnoff ’90s Recall


The promoters of Smirnoff Jamaica 90s Recall will certainly have to go back to the drawing board for the second anniversary in July; not because last Saturday’s staging failed to deliver, but more exceeded the expectations of patrons.

“There was a lot of unexpected happenings,” said promoter/dancer, Ryan ‘Rage’ Riley, “especially where the patronage was concerned.”

Both male and females entered in ’90s-style, dancehall outfits and headed straight to the dancefloor. The bar service was up to par, with Smirnoff Vodka and Tru-Juice mixologists meeting the patrons with special mixes right on the dancefloor.

Riley said that he did not know so many of Jamaica’s dancehall fraternity would turn up and give so much support to the throwback event. The idea to host it with the theme, Worl’ A Dance, definitely caught the attention of the young and young at heart partygoers.

Artistes and dancers alike took to the St Lucia car park venue and stirred up the energy for patrons, among them Ikel Marvelous, Triple X, Raging Bull, Flabba Dabba and a surprise performance by the Rock The World entertainer, Chi Ching Ching.

“We must give our respects to Chi Ching Ching, who set the stage afire with an unplanned and free performance as well as Serani, he also brought a good vibe to ’90s RECALL,” Riley said.

“We definitely have a lot to live up to for the next one, considering a larger venue and even larger marketing campaign to provide more variety and creative decor for our event concept,” he continued.

The party also featured graffiti art on zinc by students of the Edna Manley College of the Visual and Performing Arts.

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